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Plus Size Clothing - Top Retailers - Greatest Deals

On the left and right-hand-side of this page there is a comprehensive alphabetical list of the top stores supplying plus size clothing. Please use the contact us section of this site to let us know of any more stores you think should be here as we will add them on. Also, any comments you may have relating to the plus size market would be welcomed. If you have found this site useful then hit the bookmark button in the top right. Next

La Redoute Sale with up to 50% off - Clothing up to Size 30.

M&Co - Many Items Half Price. Excellent selection of clothing SIZES 18 - 28. Delivery free on items over £40.

Elvi - Up to 50% off. Specialise in large clothing. SIZES 16 - 26. Sale now on.

Evans Summer Sale - sizes 16 to 32. Half price items and items from as little as £7.

M&S - Plus Size Dresses. Up to Size 28.

NEXT - Plus Size Dresses. Up to Size 28.

There is more choice when shopping for plus size clothes than ever before. The larger retailers are offering plus sizes and often featuring entire sections on ladies plus size clothing. justmysize

Struggling with outfits which are just not working? If you are buying plus size clothing that is in your size and putting it on to realise that it looks completely wrong, that's because you're dressing size instead of body shape...

Plus Size Body Made a Non Issue

It's really hard when a plus size outfit or dress feels like it should go straight back to the shop, the stares or criticism are there sometimes if nothing is said. Your beautiful plus size body CAN be dressed in plus size clothes that bring out the best in YOU.

The first thing you see is BEAUTIFUL - not size when one of those air brushed looking women appears on TV? Read on to see how you can make some changes to your wardrobe so that the beautiful women is stairing back NOT the size.

Plus size model reached Miss England final. Read more about it here.
A 16-year-old girl has defied the super-thin modelling status quo by becoming the first size 16 model to be selected as a finalist for the Miss England competition. Without spending a ton of money, perhaps you just want to sexy up your plus size clothing and favorite outfits, here's a few plus size tips:

* Learn how to recognize your particular body shape by understanding your body symmetry.
* Try different sizes, if you are a size 18, try a size 20 or size 22, you may find the larger sizes flatter you more
* Learn how to use color and match it to your skin and hair tone.
* Learn how to work with print and pattern.
* Create a stunning wardrobe, whatever your budget.
* Learn the easy way to effortless accessorizing.
* Learn how clothes have subtle visual features that will enhance your strengths and play down your weaknesses.
* Plus create a style signature that’s yours alone, and be your own wardrobe mistress – you’ll have a more professional approach to image and a more effective working wardrobe.
* Learn which styles to prioritize and which ones to avoid.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

The Dress of all dresses. The day of all days. Lets be honest ladies… this plus size outfit, the one that you’ll only ever wear once in your life, is probably the one thing that’ll cause you the most stress, especially if you’re a curvaceous, plus-size lady. You want beauty, style, elegance… you definitely don’t want to look like a giant snowball! Plus size wedding dresses are well catered for by the industry. Plus-size clothing is a general term given to clothing sized specifically for men and women of large build. Plus-size refers specifically to clothing labelled size (US) 14 / (UK) 16 and upwards for women, and for sizes over XL for men. Previously called Outsize in some countries, this term was gradually dropped during the 1990s.

Plus Size Clothing

Many online stores offer a wider variety of plus sized clothing for both adult women and teenagers, and many women find that this is the best option for them. A lot of department stores still do not have plus sized clothing either available or in stock, although this i improving with the change in erceptions of society. A great way for the modern day plus size Women to find those designer, chiq or comfortable plus sizes who cannot find the types of clothes that they want in local stores go to the Internet and browse online stores for more options.

Online stores usually put out a large variety of clothing to choose from, including swimwear, casual wear, formal wear, to lingerie. When you know what you want to buy, then you can browse through the specific catergory or go to a specialty store website. This helps you keep focused on shopping, because there are usually too many things that you will end up wanting to buy. If you are a woman buying plus size clothing online, you must first decide on what to buy.

The problem with online shopping is that you can't try your size 32 outfit on, but many online stores have free delivery and returns so you can order a couple of sizes and send one back. The beauty of this is that you try the clothes on in the comfort of your own home and have do not have to worry if the clothes do not fit. Online stores are often cheaper than the high street, when buying plus size clothes online keep an eye out for the sales which aren't always offered on the high street in department stores.

There are a number of ways that plus size clothing is generally measured with numbers, or in Xs. Women who wear plus-sized clothing usually have a harder time of getting the style they want in clothes than smaller women, because of the market. Lately, however, more stores that specialize in plus-size clothing have been appearing in commercial areas worldwide.

Plus size clothing refers to women's clothing sized 16 and up in the UK and 14W and up in the US. Women's plus size clothing is usually sold in a separate section of the department store, or a separate store entirely, as they are still considered a specialty or niche line of clothing.

Clothing size labelling

The majority of brands employing the 'X' sizing policy produce garments up to size 3X/3XL. The 'XL' is an abbreviation of 'Extra Large'. Sometimes the letter 'W' appears after the numeral (i.e. 14W) as an abbreviation for 'Women', however this is a trait of mainly U.S. designers and is not an internationally-adopted practice. In the UK, North America, Australia and many European countries, plus size clothing is labelled either numerically (14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32); by using the letters 'X' and 'XL' and a numeral together (i.e. X, 1X, 2X, XL, 1XL, 2XL, etc); or with the designer's own system of sizing which is conceived with the philosophy of reducing stigma attached to body size.

Clothing fit and construction

The companies Lane Bryant and Catherines teamed up over a three-year period to source data to modernize the companies' garment construction. Fourteen thousand women were measured in what was the most extensive female sizing study in the U.S. in over 60 years. Plus size clothing patterns have traditionally been graded up from a smaller construction pattern, however many retailers are using statistical data collected from their own measuring projects, and from specialized Body Scan Data collection projects to modernize the fit and construction of their garments.



The fastest growing sector of the plus-size garment industry is junior or youth designs, and many brands are seeking ways to evolve into a younger customer base from what is traditionally viewed as a rather conservative and old-fashioned aethetic and clientele. Market-leader Torrid evolved from the Hot Topic company, and continues to sell products such as ironic slogan and musician t-shirts, and punk/goth/rock clothing that appeals to customers seeking to express themselves outside of mainstream popular culture.

Retailers in America continue to predominately cater to smaller-sized customers. In addition to their retail stores, Charming Shoppes produces Figure Magazine, available on newsstands and in stores, featuring the company's ranges in editorial spreads, and also related lifestyle articles in a standard women's magazine format. The exclusive attitude is beginning to change as companies realize vast growth in profits in the plus-size garment sector, and in year 2000 plus-size items were 30% of the total women's retail market. The longest-established and therefore most recognizable plus-size brand is Lane Bryant, part of the Charming Shoppes group which has four plus size brands serving the national market.


With major department stores such as David Jones, Myer, and Target producing their own brand ranges, and an increase in the number of individual boutiques and national chain store outlets across the country. The Australian plus-size clothing market has been growing since at least 1995. Sizing in Australia is not syncronous with the US; plus size garments are considered to be size 14 and upward, which is the equivalent of a US size 12. Major Australian brands for plus-size clothing include: Maggie T, My Size, City Chic (formerly Big City Chic), Sara, Autograph, Embody Denim, Taking Shape, Basque Woman, BeMe for Rockmans, and Free People.

United Kingdom

In the U.K. plus-size is generally thought of as beginning at size 16, which is roughly equivalent to a US14. In the UK there are over sixty brands for plus-size women's clothing, with chain stores such as Evans and Ann Harvey, and high street department stores carrying extended sizes in many of their brands.

Beach Wear

The Saress - providing the very best swimwear, lady swimwear, beach dress solutions a flattering easy solution to the difficult sarong

Tips for Plus Size Ladies

  • Exercise. You can be really, really sexy if you want to be. Start slow, with a nice walk around the neighborhood. Time yourself, 30 minutes at first and work up to longer times.
  • For sexy high cheekbones, swipe your blush directly up your cheekbones to the hairline. Then rub a bronzer in the hollow on your cheeks. This works wonders.
  • To hide a double chin, rub bronzer along your jawline and underneath your chin into the crevices in your neck. Blend well.
  • Go for baked chips instead of non baked. They have half the calories. You'll be sexier just trying.
  • Eat better. Yeah, sometimes it's hard to throw out the yummies, but force yourself! Really, not having it in the house makes it a heck of a lot easier.
  • Try to get some Pilates vids or simple excecise videos. You can follow along to these every other day. They are a fun way to get slimmer.

    Is ultra-thin going out of fashion?

    Ultra-Thin Going Out of Fashion?

    Plus Size Supermodels

    Becky Southwick and Jody Furlong, compete to find new talent

    How to look good

    How to look good whatever your shape

    Additions Size 16-32
    Additions so fabulous range feature plus sizes from 16 - 32 and you can shop for dresses, tops, denim, casual, workwear, coats, nightwear, lingerie and much more.

    Bravissimo is a company that provides a wide choice of lingerie and swimwear in D-K cup, as well as clothing designed especially for big boobed women so that they can celebrate their curves and feel good about themselves!

    Charlotte & Co - to Size 18
    A great range of clothing. Our mission is to bring you luxurious quality matched with amazingly reasonable prices. We hope you are impressed.

    A fashion conscious range of plus size women’s clothing in sizes 16 to 36 featuring designer chic and a comfortable fit, clothes that celebrate their curves.

    We have a special expertise in designing, fitting and styling the latest fashions to flatter curvy woman with a selection of the most flattering styles, colours and accessories.

    Long Tall Sally Elvi Evans Spring   Marks and Spencer

    Fifty Plus
    From a company over 100 years old offers a wide selection of clothing and other products for all ages and sizes – specialising in the area of larger size womenswear.

    Offering an A to Z of branded underwear, swimwear, exercisewear, nightwear and hosiery for women in all sizes from Aubade to Zimmermann, we cater for everyone.

    Gray & Osbourn
    Stock excellent quality, beautiful, classic ladies clothes in sizes 10-26 under their own label, with skirts, dresses, tops, trousers, jackets, casual wear and more.

    Plus size Lingerie, nightwear, footwear, clothing, dresses
    Plus Size Womens Clothing 12-34. New Customers get 10% Off Today!

    John Lewis
    Step into spring with our sensational womenswear. Whether you opt for our delightful dresses, fine knitwear or leg-lengthening trousers, we’re sure you’ll love this season’s stunning styles.

    Long Tall Sally
    Long Tall Sally Mission: To be the first choice in shopping for Tall women in the UK and around the world.

    Love Isis
    The very best in plus size womenswear including stylish and trendy dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, shrugs, tees, work wear and swimwear.

    Pago Pago
    Good quality clothing made entirely in the UK we are involved in all stages, from yarn to finished garment. Specialising in fashions in plus sizeswomen's clothing

    Simply Be
    Clothes designed to provide the best fit at the best value, specialising larger size womenswear. The catalogues offer a huge selection of clothing for all ages and sizes.

    Feature exciting designers who specialise in producing quality, high fashion plus size clothing in sizes 16-30 that accentuate and flatter real women’s curves.

    Yours Clothing
    Size 14-up, plus size fashion including jeans, skirts, dresses, tops, trousers, jackets, casual wear and more available in larger sizes all with the latest trends.

    Size Appeal evans sale  Dorothy Perkins Sale  Pure Collection Ltd  justmysize

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    Boden's - 10% off, free delivery and returns
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    Charlotte & Co - to Size 18
    Chums Ltd Size 10-26
    Curvety, size 16 to 36
    Debenhams - size 22
    DesignerShoes - for larger ladies
    Dorothy Perkins - Gok Wan's Essentials
    Elvi offer size 16 - 26
    Evans Size 14-32
    Great Universal Size 16-32
    House of Brides - huge selection of bridalwear US flag
    House of Fraser - Size 16
    JDWilliams sizes 12-34
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    Just My Size US flag 50% off
    La Redoute - to size 30. Up to 50% off
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    Long Tall Sally
    M&Co - Sizes 18 - 28
    M and M Direct
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    Natural Figures Lingerie
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    Pure Collection Cashmere - size 18
    Shoe Trader offer US flag free shipping
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    Size appeal US flag
    Swim Suits For All US flag
    Tesco - Save over £25 on the latest fashions
    Tights Please - to Size 18
    Ugs and Kisses - up to size 8
    Uniqlo - size 18